“Never Get Old”.


“Never Get Old”
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From the album     Reality

Released 25 February 2004
Recorded January–May 2003
Studio David Bowie’s house, SoHo
the Looking Glass Studios, NoHo
Mike Garson’s home studio, Bell Canyon
Length 4:25
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  • Columbia

Never Get Old” is a single by Bowie taken from the “Reality” studio album. The Reality album is the twenty-third studio album by David Bowie. It was released on 16 September 2003.

In 2001, Strausbaugh’s book, attacked “colostomy rock”: “Rock should simply not be played by 55-year-old men with triple chins, pretending to still be excited about playing songs they wrote 30 or 35 years ago….”

Bowie was labelled a “self-serving, egomaniacal, 52-year-old creep [conflating] all of rock ‘n’ roll with his own way-past-prime career”.

“Never Get Old” is Bowie’s response. Fuck you: I am the aging letch you hate, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s a rather silly song,” Bowie told Kurt Orzeck. “It’s kind of [about] a petulant 56-year-old.” To the Sun, Bowie added that “there’s the image of a petulant rock singer sitting in a half-darkened room saying, ‘I’m not gonna get old.’ I thought it was a funny image and I had to write it before someone else my age did.”

“Never Get Old” was part of a growing cheekiness, a lack of reverence for his legend. Bowie had become grand enough of a monument that he could scrawl on it