“Little Wonder”.


“Little Wonder”
Bowie littlewonder.JPG
   Lyrics                        Video
from the album        Earthling
Released 27 January 1997
Format CD
Recorded Looking Glass Studio, New York City


  • 3:40 (single version)
  • 6:02 (album version)
  • Parlophone
  • 74321 452072

Little Wonder is a song and single by David Bowie, from the 1997 album Earthling. It was the album’s biggest hit, reaching number 14 in the UK. At the 1998 Brit Awards, the song was nominated for Best British Video.

Bowie uses the names of all seven dwarfs in the lyrics. The sampled spoken line “If it’s good to ya, it’s gotta be good for ya” during the instrumental break, comes from the spoken intro of a live Steely Dan song called “Bodhisattva” from the Citizen Steely Dan box. Two main interpretations to the lyrics are given by James E. Perone, who writes that the song may simply represent some characteristics of Bowie’s own personality or, in another case, an alien observing aspects of the life on Earth. The drum break is sampled from The Winstons instrumental, “Amen, Brother”, a popular drum solo and sample commonly referred to as the “Amen break”.

According to Gabrels, part of the bass track on “Little Wonder” was a recording of bassist Gail Ann Dorsey as she tried to get a sound from her pedalboard while not knowing she was being recorded.